Boodhari Group Appoints new CEO


Hargeisa:=The Board of Directors (BoD) of Boodhari Group, the second-largest flour mill in the Somali-populated Horn of Africa Region, today announced that Ali Haji Mohamed Sirad has been appointed as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer.

Ali Sirad is an exceptionally experienced leader and is recruited from the Global Advisory firm, Adam Smith International as a Country Manager for Somalia/Somaliland where he spent the last 6 years.

Effective June 10th, the new CEO will be replacing the founder and outgoing CEO, Abdi Nur.

“We are fortunate to have a seasoned administrator with 20 plus years of management experience in the private sector, Canadian government, and international development who has also been on our BoD since the company’s founding and is very familiar with our core business goals,” said Chairman Abdi Nur.

“I look forward to making the necessary organizational changes to enable rapid growth,” said Ali Sirad upon being appointed.

“My strategic goals for expansion and profitability will be conveyed to the BoD and our shareholders in our bi-annual letter on June 1st, 2022,” adds the new CEO.

“The next few years will be exciting for the company and I look forward to this new challenge and thank the BoD for their confidence in me.” Ali M. Sirad.